Our Response to the United States Supreme Court Decision
by Cindy Broese Van Groenou
For those who have been following our court case against the State of California, we have good news. The United States Supreme Court ruled that the law, enacted by Governor Jerry Brown in 2016, was found unconstitutional and violated our First Amendment rights as compelled speech. It has been a distraction over the past few years but we have continued to serve our patients with compassion, integrity, and truth.  
We are pleased with the decision.  As an abortion-alternative medical clinic we do not refer for or recommend abortion. For the government to force us to post a message, virtually doing just that, is unconstitutional. It goes against our philosophy and the very reason we exist.  That would be like forcing a chiropractor to refer to an orthopedic surgeon or a vegan restaurant to post information about Joe’s BBQ down the street. The United States Supreme Court agreed with us.
Abortion has been legal for over 40 years. Women know how find an abortion provider. Google has been around a long time. Women choose to visit our clinic because they want to. We provide them with information so they can truly make informed choices. Nothing is added or withheld in an attempt to have them make one choice over another. We do not benefit financially regardless of whether they choose to continue their pregnancy, make an adoption plan or terminate the pregnancy. Not telling patients there is a heartbeat or not allowing them to view the ultrasound can be considered coercion. Women deserve to know all the facts. Not providing services to those who plan to continue the pregnancy is discrimination. We serve women from all walks of life and with different intentions for the pregnancy. Every patient has given us favorable feedback about their visit. I would not be afraid to have someone pull 10, 20, or 30 random charts and let them read the exit surveys.
AB775, which later became law in California, was based on a propaganda piece written by abortion proponents. To my knowledge, no one has fact-checked this report. The NARAL report – “Exposing Fake Clinics” has been going from state to state trying to discredit the great work of pregnancy centers nationwide. They merely change the name of the state, in the report, to make it applicable. In California, there are no “Fake Clinics.” A clinic must be licensed by the State of California Department of Public Health. It is no small feat. Our licensed medical team is top-notch. We are thankful to be providing another option for women to go to get pregnancy verifications and ultrasounds at no cost and with no strings attached.