Earn While You Learn
There is so much to learn before having a baby and it doesn't stop there! The more prepared you can be, the better it should go. We have tons of resources available for you to "Earn While You Learn" as you get ready to welcome that little one into your life and to learn other things beyond that. 
When you read a brochure or a chapter in a book, and give us feedback, you will earn a "Credit" that can be used for the items you need. Items have different values but there is no reason you cannot gather the things you need for the nursery, or the baby, over time. For example: 1 credit is good for 10 items of clothing or 10 diapers. When you combine credits, you can get larger items like strollers or cribs (10 credits). 
Clients can also earn credits by making donations of supples like baby clothes that are now too small or by attending doctor's appointments or parenting classes, etc.  
There are brochures on many different subjects, plus things for dads! 
There are a lot of important things to learn after baby gets here... 
 Books can be checked out from the lending library